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Jamie Matthews - N321AG


"I was lucky enough to spend several days with Brian completing my initial training in the PA46. We spent a couple days together in Atlanta doing ground work and flying his plane. He then met me in San Diego the following week to help me fly my PA46 back to Texas and do more training there. Brian knows the PA46 backwards and forwards, and has been flying his own for over 5 years. I have worked with many instructors over the last few years. Brian stands out among them as knowledgeable, flexible and patient. The entire experience was challenging... and fun. Through my training with Brian I was reminded that learning to fly my plane safely should be an enjoyable, meaningful experience... not one where an instructor spends all his efforts showing you how smart he is. The general aviation world needs more instructors like Brian." 


Brett Divine - N92521

      Brian Smith helped me purchase our new ’95 Malibu Mirage, as well as initial training for the PA46. I was AMAZED by Brian’s knowledge of the PA46 and his understanding of the market in order to find the right plane for me. He was also thorough and completely available throughout the entire buying process to handle all questions and issues between me and the buyer, as well as the various sellers we worked with to track down the right plane.        Furthermore, the training I received was very good, not only was it some of the most thorough training I’ve had to date, Brian again made himself available to drive to our airport numerous times, spend ample time with both ground and flight instruction and held me to a high standard as to what his expectations were for me.
Overall, I had a great experience and would recommend anyone looking for a plane or training to contact Brian. Quality guy that cares about people, and takes care of them.
God bless,
Brett Divine


Mark Cutright N64MB

           I’m a MMOPA member who recently completed the purchase of a 1985 Malibu.  I did my post-purchase training with Brian Smith and am writing in support of his instruction. 
He is very knowledgeable regarding the Malibu both from a mechanical and operating standpoint.  We covered systems, limitations, emergency procedures, decision making, weather during our discussions.  We then went over a pre-flight with emphasis on the special issues regarding the PA46.  We then proceeded to the flying portion including maneuvers, emergency procedures, engine management, approaches/holds/missed and go-arounds, high altitude and pressurization issues.
           Overall it was a very positive experience. He is passionate about the PA46 and teaching. 


Matrix 186ST - Magnus and Nils

 Brian Smith at Aerosmith Aviation is clearly one of the most competent PA-46 instructors in the southeast US. His devotion to every aspect of owning and flying the PA-46 made it an easy choice for us when we needed a PA-46 instructor.  In May-June 2019, Brian helped us through the final stages of purchasing a Malibu Matrix and then taught us to fly it. He was super flexible in accommodating our tight time schedule when we came over from Europe and needed intense training before starting our ferry trip back to Sweden. We also had great fun in the process!
Brian went through not only the usual VFR and IFR training steps, but also gave us a lot of insights into engine and power management, how to run the turbo-charged Lycoming TIO-540 in the most economic way, how to analyze data from the engine logs and  how to get maximum lifetime out of our engine. 

 I can definitely recommend Brian and Aerosmith Aviation to anyone needing training on the PA-46, whether it's a complete course or just a touch-up to stay current.
Magnus Nilselid, West Coast Aviation, Sweden 


John Brewer N117BM


Brian's flexible schedule and willingness to help me fly my new plane home sealed the deal, when Kevin M's pre buy inspection fell through, Brian offered his mechanic's information and it worked out perfectly, keeping my timeline on track.  As a Professional 757 Pilot, I was impressed with his excellent instruction and systems knowledge, it was icing on the cake.

Patient, knowledgeable...patient, and said the right things at the right time. 


John Huss - N711XL

 Brian Smith was a tremendous resource from beginning to end in my buying process.  Beginning with an initial Malibu Familiarization flight then several hours discussing pros and cons of different model years and equipment.  Once a plane was chosen he negotiated purchase price with the seller’s broker, set up and evaluated the pre-buy inspection.  We renegotiated final price and Brian then flew a final acceptance flight then delivered the plane to me.   

           Brian also conducted ground training and flights in my plane to meet insurance requirements and pilot proficiency.  I am certain that having Brian’s guidance through the full process saved me at least 20% of the purchase price.  His continued assistance will keep my plane flying for many years to come.  I highly recommend having Brian in your corner as you look to purchase your plane.