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Piper M350

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Purchasing / Training / Managing


  • CFII Brian Smith has owned his  PA46 Piper Malibu for 7 years and is currently a Part 61/141 flight instructor at KRYY
  • Best practices for success
  • Train with a professional aviation consultant who knows this aircraft market inside and out and train to fly to professional standards
  • Train with an Instructor who 
  •       Owns your make and model airplane
  •       Values the importance of mentorship and knowledge transfer
  •       Integrates airplane PIC command control and aeronautical decision making
  •       Teaches the why behind the actions
  • Safety comes first. Timelines are flexible
  • Recurrent, IPC, or Flight Review 
  • References available upon request

Insurance Approved PA46 Training


  • Initial or Recurrent training in my PA-46 1987 Malibu ($300 per hour plus Instruction) or your plane ($75 per hour @ KRYY).  $600 day rate with travel and flying.  Garmin G500, GTN 750/650, TSIO 550 with composite 3 blade Hartzell Prop.   
  • The goal of our training programs is to ensure that you leave with the knowledge, understanding, skill and self-confidence to safely fly your  Malibu / Mirage / M350

We will find you the best airplane on the market


  • Make finding your next plane easy with someone experienced in locating the best aircraft for your budget, local pre-buy inspection options or we'll send our PA46 mechanic who has worked on these planes for over 10 years including our own.
  • I have been through many pre-buys, annuals, and know what to look for in log books and pre / post maintenance flight.  Let a pro find the issues before you fly home and own them.  (Even the big name shops miss things 50% of the time).
  • 3% Buyers Agent Fee upon close.

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